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Make the move to Resolve Fitness. Investing in your fitness is great for your wellbeing - body and mind. We love our community of like minded individuals. All people who like to be in an environment full of optimism, expertise and community.  
Fitness is empowering for everything in your life. Let’s get started!



LeJuan Coleman and Guy Schmidt have been training together at LeJuan’s gym every day for over 15 years. All of that gym time together led to a big idea called Resolve Fitness. They had the good fortune of meeting Ryan Dickey and together, they imagined a place that included boxing, cardio and weight training.  And they thought of a place with state of the art equipment, a great sound system, the best trainers, and great energy all the way around.

That vision is now a reality. We can’t wait for you to join us.


Portrait of the 3 founding partners
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